The Benefits of Senior In-Home Care for Dade County Seniors

There are a number of home care options for seniors in Dade County. Mobile technology has made it much easier to deliver first-class care to the elderly, while they remain at home during their latter yearssmiling aide embracing elderly woman. Additionally, a range of independent living services and products are currently available to assist seniors in remaining in their own homes in spite of their changing physical needs. This helps to delay and even completely avoid moving into a nursing home or assisted living facilities. A home care aide in the Miami/Dade county area is specially trained and has the necessary skills to help seniors live in a safe and happy environment.

The desire to stay at home as you age is quite natural. Many seniors prefer to live in their own home, instead of an assisted living or nursing home facility. This is an ideal option for seniors who have network of family members and friends nearby and do not need major medical assistance. There is a wide variety of home care services available to assist in maintaining the independence of the elderly in the comfort of their own home.

Benefits of Aging at Home

• There are many benefits to be derived from remaining at home as one gets older. Some of which are highlighted below:

• It provides a way to strengthen the family and make family ties even stronger.

• Remaining at home maintains an environment that is familiar to seniors. Additionally, having the ability to avoid making drastic changes and living in their own surroundings will do wonders for the peace of mind of seniors.

• It fosters mental and physical well-being. Many seniors desire to remain in the home that is filled with happy memories; a place where many of them have raised their family.

• Valuable social networks are maintained when the elderly remains at home. This often keeps them in contact with friends and neighbors who live in the vicinity.

• It also promotes a continuity of community. This indicates that seniors can keep on frequenting their regular drugstore, grocery store and other places they prefer to shop and are comfortable with asking for help.

Services Provided By Home Care Aides

Essentially, home care aides assist seniors with completing their day-to-day activities. He or she will visit the home and provide assistance with certain activities. These include housekeeping, food shopping, meal preparation, hygiene and personal grooming. In addition, they can provide seniors with companionship and provide temporary relief for family members who regularly take care of their loved ones.

Home care aides make it possible for seniors to safely remain at home and enjoy the familiarity and comfort of a space that holds years of memories. Additionally, they will transport seniors to their doctor’s appointment or anywhere else they would like to go. A number of home care agencies in Dade County offer physical therapy services as well.

Other duties undertaken by a home care aide include:

• Monitoring the condition of the patient through exercises that allow for the observation of mental and physical conditioning

• Recording patient information by entering it into the patient journal and notifying their supervisor of unusual conditions or changes

• Helping patients to be more self-sufficient by teaching them to use a walker or cane, special equipment, and techniques for personal hygiene and specialized utensils to eat

• Teaching family members particular techniques to care for seniors. These include cleanliness, housekeeping, appropriate ways of lifting, turning and re-positioning patients and advising them on nutrition

• Maintaining a secure, safe, and healthy environment for the patient. This is done by adhering to standards and procedures, maintaining security precautions, following prescribed nutrition standards and dietary requirements and adhering to the rules of home care procedures and policies at the local, state and federal levels

Choosing a Home Care Aide

When choosing a home care service, there are usually a number of questions for which the family needs answers. It is important to understand that home care services are different from those provided by assisted living and nursing home facilities. Home care is typically the preferred choice for seniors and the service you choose should be able to facilitate a safe environment in a professional and effective manner.

The services you end up choosing from the home care company will largely depend on the health of the senior and your social and financial situation. If the senior is relatively independent and have the ability to take care of himself or herself with the assistance of a home care aide, the non-medical home care services will be ideal. The aide will provide assistance throughout the day and night, if necessary. The quality of assistance will depend on how wisely the service is chosen.

It is important to ensure that the company you ultimately choose is well-established. It is also vital that the reputation of the service is exceptional. In addition, it is essential that the registry entrusted with the care of your loved one provide professional and experienced workers for the job.

Assigning Home Care Aides

Home care companies evaluate the requirements of the client and his or her family. Based on the findings, an appropriate home care aide will be assigned based on experience and personality. The assignment of the aide will follow an initial meeting. The primary goal will be to satisfy the needs of the client, which includes taking care of his or her physical and emotional needs. Most home care aides have certification and experience. In addition, they have undergone criminal background checks to ensure the safety of patients.

Home care is most suitable for seniors who are still able to function but can use assistance in daily living activities. These include bathing, eating, maintaining continence, dressing and getting out of a chair or bed. Therefore, individuals who require limited assistance to get around their homes are good candidates for home care services. However, it should be noted that a number of home care providers will take on clients who require a greater degree of assistance, although they are not permitted to administer medication or medical assistance.